Meet Our Brilliant Team

Our diverse and talented team is the core of QB Data Service. Our collective experience in data services, CRM implementation, and app development enables us to drive innovative and transformative solutions for your business.

Awards Received

In our years of operation, QB Data Service has earned numerous accolades for our high-quality data and CRM services. Industry experts have recognized our consistent dedication to technical excellence & cx satisfaction, underlining our devotion to our clients.

Projects Completed

With over 45 successfully completed projects, QB Data Service has demonstrated versatility across a range of industries. Our accomplishments span from simple tasks like data migration to complex projects involving CRM integration and app development.

Happy Clients

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our service. This commitment has allowed us to serve over 89 businesses, each benefitting from our tailored solutions. As we grow, so does our number of delighted clients.

Cups of Coffee

Our team’s love for coffee is no secret. It fuels our dedication, our passion, and our creative solutions. With over 1,500 cups consumed, we continue brewing innovative solutions for our clients’ diverse needs.


Our Devoted Team

Mark Simonson – Senior Developer

Mark brings an extensive background in data services and CRM solutions to QB Data Service. His vision is to provide businesses with innovative and efficient solutions to handle their data and customer relations seamlessly.

Alissa Peterson – Product Development

With her expertise in Product development and business operations, Alissa ensures that our services are not only technically sound but also cater to the unique needs of every client.

Michael Colider – Designer​

Michael’s role as a designer extends beyond aesthetics. His intuitive designs aim to enhance user experience, making our software and apps user-friendly and efficient.

Andrew McGregory – Relationship​

Andrew’s exceptional relationship management skills ensure that our clients feel heard and valued. He works closely with clients to understand their needs and ensure they are met.

Work Experience

Our collective work experience spans across several years and numerous successful projects. Here are some highlights:



We dived into the realm of data services, focusing on data migration and recovery for businesses experiencing issues with data loss or transitions.



The year marked our expansion into CRM implementation and integration services. We helped businesses streamline their customer relationship processes and improve efficiency.



In this year, we started offering cloud hosting services, allowing our clients to safely store their data and access it from anywhere, anytime.



We continued to grow and adapt to the changing needs of our clients. This year saw us starting development of bespoke apps to cater to specific client requirements, adding another feather in our cap.

Our Partners