Privacy and Policy


Our QBS Data Service is committed in establishing a trusting relation with the customers based on personal information. This privacy statement and agreement covers all the services and products owned by the QBS Data Service.

However, by using this website, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Privacy policy. By using this website, you also agree to the disclosure of your personal information based on the privacy policy statements mentioned in our website. This privavcy policy is for both the users and the members, one who do not transact business, while the other who does transact business on the website.

Usage of your personal information:

We need and collect your information that you provide on your website for enabling you to become the member or subscriber of our website. We acquire some basic personal information and part from this whenever you will visit our website, if you are not registered, our systems will collect certain details about your PC personal information like IP address, however, you must have a note that your IP address do not identify you personally.

We want you to know that no use of our services or our products is projected toward children of below 12 years of age. We do not collect any personal information from children below 12 years of age.


  • QBS Data Service is the owner of all the information and data gathered through the Website and shall be utilized to contact you and inform you about website-related news and the latest services available on the website; for monitoring and enhancing the performance of the website; for figuring out the number of visitors to the website and for detection of the geographical locations of the visitors; for updating you on all the special offers and latest deals available on the website and provide you with a better shopping experience.
  • We want you to take a note that when you place your order, some of your private data will be transferred to the others for some essential work, which later is beneficial for you only, companies like courier companies, credit card processing companies, vendors etc. and QBS Data Service perform their duties and fulfill your order requirements.
  • QBS Data Service prohibits any unauthorized persons or organization to use any of the essential data that QBS Data Service may accumulate from you through this Website.
  • In the event QBS Data Service is required to respond to subpoenas, court orders or other legal process, your Personal Information may be disclosed pursuant to such subpoenas, court order or legal process, which may be without notice to you.
  • Cookies are small bits of essential information stored by your browser into your computer. Cookies are used to record various aspects of your visit and assist QBS Data Service to provide you with uninterrupted service. QBS Data Service does not use cookies to save Personal Information for outside uses